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Porcelain Applications
Porcelain Collection

Concrete Finish

Features & Benefits: 

- Metropolitan warmth with a hint of an industrial aesthetic.
- The intimate emotion of metal oxidation in neutral shades of gray and charcoal.
- Incredibly high breakage loads, up to 3,000 pounds
- High density and ultra-low absorption rate creates a tight surface texture and fends off surface mold, moss, dirt and other types of stains
- Modular for faster installation,
- Unaffected by alkalis, acids, chemical agents, salt and other de-icing materials.
- Can be cleaned with normal household cleaners and even pressure washed with a low pressure washing device.*
- Structured top textures create non-slip surfaces.
- Freeze thaw resistant—100% frost-free and properties remain unaltered at temperatures ranging from -51.1o to + 60o C (-60°F to +140°F).


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